On your first visit to Cornerstone, a staff member will spend some time orienting you to our programs. Following that orientation, you will see a counselor. You and your counselor will discuss your situation and, together, you will develop a plan of treatment. That treatment could be individual, group or family counseling, or some combination of those three. If you need services that Cornerstone cannot provide, such as detoxification or inpatient treatment, your counselor will inform you of the options and help you access that service.

For people who need a more intense level of service, Cornerstone offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment utilizing the Matrix Model.


Persons under 16 years of age will need to have a legal guardian come to the first session and sign consent for treatment. Cornerstone has trained adolescent counselors and offers treatment geared to an adolescent’s needs. We encourage parental involvement with treatment as this provides the best chance for success.

For some general information about treatment, check out the booklet “What Is Substance Abuse Treatment?”