Underage Drinking… What Are The Laws?

Underage Drinking: The Facts

  • It is illegal to give alcohol to your teen’s underage friends under any circumstances – even in your own home, even with their parents’ permission.
  • You cannot knowingly allow a person under 21, other than your own child, to consume or possess alcohol in your home or on your property.

What can happen if you break the law

  • You face a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and $1,075 in fines and fees.
  • Your penalties can “stack up,” as you can be ticketed for each underage person you provide with alcohol.
  • You can be sued if you give alcohol to anyone under 21 and they, in turn, hurt someone, hurt themselves or damage property.

What you can do to protect yourself

  • Refuse to supply alcohol to anyone under 21
  • Be at home when your teen has friends over
  • Make sure that alcohol is not brought into your home or property by your teen’s friends
  • Talk to other parents about not providing alcohol at other events your child will be attending
  • Create alcohol-free opportunities and activities in your home so teens feel welcome
  • Report underage drinking to local law enforcement